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Memory Foam Pillow

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Memory Foam Pillow

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Memory Foam Pillow

  • Dimensions 30*50cm
  • What is memory pillow? A pillow made of memory pillow, slow rebound material, its function is not to increase people's memory but because often use pillow will form the inherent shape of head and neck. Memory pillow is mostly slow rebound pillows.
  • 1, absorb the impact, because the head and neck force is very average, so on the pillow whenit feels like floating in the water or the cloud, the skin feels like there is no oppression, also known as zero pressure. Sometimes we use the usual pillow ear there will be pressure phenomenon, but the use of slow rebound pillow will not happen.
  • 2, memory distortion, automatic modeling of the ability to fix the head, neck may reduce;automatic modeling of the ability to properly fill the gap shoulder, the shoulder at the bed toavoid the common problems of air leakage, can effectively prevent cervical problems.
  • 3, anti-bacterial anti mite, slow rebound sponge to inhibit the growth of fungi, fungal reproduction growth produces a pungent odor, when there is sweat saliva under such circumstances, more prominent


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